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PCC Fluid Fittings tooling products include Axial Swage DAT, Radial Swage DLT/DET and Tooling Accessories.

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Axial Swage DAT

Axial swaged fitting is a tube fitting that is mechanically attached to the tube by axial swaging.

It works by deforming the fitting into the tube being joined by moving a ring, a component of the Permalite / AS Fitting, axially along the fitting length using a Permaswage Axial swage Tool (DAT).

This produces an interference fit between fitting and tube resulting in a leak resistant metal-to-metal seal and structurally sound joint.

Axial Swage DAT Supports

  • Permalite Tube Connecting System
  • AS Fitting for Hydraulic Tube Connecting Sytems Up To 5080 PSI
DAT Tooling

Radial Swage DLT/DET

The Permaswage system is a tube connecting system that mechanically attaches a Permaswage fitting to a tube by radial swaging.

The system is used to make permanent and separable connections between metal tubes.

It works by deforming the metal fitting onto a tube radially, 360°around the circumference, using the Permaswage Lightweight Tool(DLT).

10,000 PSI Hydraulic Pumps

Power SourcePart Number
Manual - Hand Operated DLT05MAPM1000
Pneumatic - With Hand Switch (70- 100 psi Shop Air) DLT02MAPP1000
Electric - Battery Operated, 24 VDC
(Includes a 115 Volt AC Battery Charger)
Electric - Battery Operated, 24 VDC
(Includes a 220 Volt AC Battery Charger)
Open Angle Pneumatic Pump

Tooling Accessories

Tool kits include the following accessories. For any tooling accessories please contact one of our authorized distributors (Orkal / Adept):

  • Chipless Cutting Tool (variety of sizes)
  • Deburring Tool (variety of sizes)
  • Marking Pen

Tooling Documents

Radial Swage DLT
DLT Tools

Radial Swage DET
DET Components
DET Tool Kits

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