PCC Fluid Fittings

Tool Maintenance

Superior Quality

To maximize performance, tools should be inspected and maintained properly. Regular inspections and properly maintained tools consistently ensure structurally sound results.

Maintenance and repair helps prevent tool breakage and results in tools ready for use in production.

Permaswage provides proprietary and standard components, tooling, and training to all major aerospace companies.

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  • Power Unit
  • Head Assembly
  • Inspection Gages
  • Marking Tools
  • Tube Cutters
  • Deburring Tools
  • Clean Jaws
  • Tool Open Length
  • Tool Closed Length
  • QD/Swivel/Hose
  • Exterior Damage
  • Dye Penetrant Exam
  • Overhaul
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Swivel
  • Dies
  • Plates

Installation Training

Installation Training and Certification for PCC Fluid Fittings.

Product Training Certification

Permaswage's Tooling systems should only be used by personnel who have received factory authorized training and certification.

The training and certification can be supplied by our representatives for customers who purchase tools through Permaswage, its authorized distributors and agencies.

The certification consists of a Permaswage Level "A" Training card, issued to those who have received training. This training can be provided at Permaswage Headquarters.

Permaswage recommends ongoing Product Training & Education. Contact Permaswage for additional information and to schedule training classes.

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Certified Training

  • Tube Connecting System for DLT Tools
  • Installation Manual SOP6-01-05
  • Tube Connecting System for DET Tools
  • Installation Manual SOP604-013
  • Tube Connecting System for DAT Tools
  • Installation Manual SOP604-008
  • Tube Connecting System for DAT Tools
  • Installation Manual SOP604-028

Product Demo

Fluid Fittings offers product demonstrations at customer sites. Our advanced designs and technology make our products simple to use and easy to implement with global aircrafts.

Schedule a session to learn more about our company, technology, products and services to understand why our solutions are preferably chosen by OEMs and Military.

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Schedule tooling maintenance, installation training, or product demos from certified experts.

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Orkal is a Permaswage authorized distributor for certified tooling trainings, inspections, and repair services.

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