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We are a manufacturer of precision tube fittings and machined components.

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Precision tube fittings and machined components for military and commercial aircraft, engine, space, and industrial programs.

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Flared Fittings

  • Longest History
  • Available in wide range of materials
  • Controlled sourcing by PRI/NADCAP QML
  • Variety of Styles (37°, 60°, double-angle)
  • Low to moderate pressure applications
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Flared Fittings
Flared Fittings
Flared Fittings
Flared Fittings
Flared Fittings

Flareless Fittings

Flareless fittings provide us positive sealing and a high degree of sealing reliability for repeated usage.

  • Features Self-Alignment for Positive Sealing
  • Controlled Sourcing by PRI/NADCAP QPL
  • Available in Wide Range of Materials
  • Moderate Pressure Applications
  • Compatible with Int. Swage, Ext. Swage, Braze and Weld Systems
  • Available in Lightweight Version
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Flareless Fittings
Flareless Fittings
Flareless Fittings
Flareless Fittings
Flareless Fittings

Beam Seal Fittings

For beam seal applications please contact us.

  • Highest Pressure Applications
  • Ease of Installation in Tight Space
  • Lightweight
  • Compact Design
  • Redundant Sealing on Mating Fitting
  • Available in Wide Range of Materials
  • Compatible with Internal Swage, External Swage and Weld Systems
Beam Seal
Beam Seal

Externally Swaged

Externally Swaged fittings were designed to permanently assemble fittings onto tubing by crimping (swaging) with swaging (Permaswage) tools.

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externally swaged
Externally Swaged
Aerospace Fittings
Externally Swaged
Fittings for Aerospace Industry

Internally Swaged

  • Permanent Joint
  • Lightweight, Compact Design
  • Low and Moderate Pressure Applications
  • High Tensile Strength Joint
  • Multiple Sealing Points on Tube
  • Ease of Installation and Inspection
  • Ideal for Tube End Adapters and Sleeves


Braze fitting joints are known to be lightweight, high performance and extremely durable.

  • Titanium Alloy:6AL-4V
  • Cres: 304 & 21-6-9
Qualifications, Approvals, Programs
  • Per 27D0002 & 27D0004 Boeing specifications for "Inch" systems
  • Boeing-Douglas MD-xx (all)
  • TRW B-747

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Orbital Weld

Weld fitting design offers smallest envelope, lightest weight and strongest joint among all other mechanical fitting joints.

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Aerospace Fittings

Shape Memory

Positive sealing is assured by a constant crimping force of the coupling material over differential tube material resistant strength.

  • Materials: Titanium Alloy: 6AL-4V per AMS4965
  • Easy to install either in production or field repair.
  • No special tooling required.
  • Boeing-McDonnell - C-17
  • Gulfstream - GIV
  • Northrop - B-2
  • Per MIL-F-85421 military specification for "Inch" systems
  • Per AS4459 SAE specification for "Inch" systems
  • Per 37A050 Northrop specification for "Inch" systems

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